Country Names and Codes

The MAX Customer Master table is designed to store the Country NAME. The Synergy Account table is designed to use a Master Country List and uses that data to store the two character country CODE and display the country NAME on the Synergy pages. For MAX Customer data to sync

State Codes in Synergy

The State codes in Synergy are stored in the AddressStates table. The table links to the Country data using a 3 character Country Code and stores a 3 character State Code and State Name. The Country QATAR was missing a State entry in the table so adding a State Code 

Synergy Background Jobs

Here is the code to build the standard Synergy Background jobs in SQL Management Studio: use [master] DECLARE @Server varchar(50) DECLARE @DBCONFIG varchar(50) DECLARE @BaseURL varchar (50) DECLARE @Location varchar (100) DECLARE @TempDrive varchar (50) DECLARE @Exchangesrv varchar (50) DECLARE @Login varchar (50) DECLARE @Job varchar(250) DECLARE @Temp varchar (250)

SQL Active Users, List and Delete

Ever wonder how to get a list of active users in a MAX or Synergy database? In SQL Management Studio, enter: SELECT DB_NAME(dbid) as “Database”, loginame as LoginName, spid FROM sys.sysprocesses WHERE dbid > 0 AND DB_NAME(dbid) = ‘ExactMAXxxx’ This presents a list of user ID numbers, then you can

Using Synergy Free Fields

Synergy for MAX provides fields for customer use to adapt Request forms to suite specific requirements.  These fields are referred to as “Free Fields.”   There are different types of Free Fields for difference types of data like; text, numbers, dollar values, etc.  This document explains the different field types

Vendor Portal for MAX

The Vendor Portal add-on module for Synergy For MAX provides additional functionality for Synergy users that integrated Synergy more fully with MAX. This added logic to Synergy For MAX to allow authorized Vendor contacts in the Synergy Vendor Account to access Synergy and MAX data specific to that Vendor as