Synergy Sales Opportunities from MAX Quotes

Want to get MAX Quotes and Sales Orders into Synergy and automate the creation of Synergy Sales Opportunities?

Sales FunnelWith the new PlusPoint CRM Sync tool, you can create Sales Opportunities for each Quote automatically.  I connects the Customer data and builds a Sales Opportunity along with the Quote stage request. This brings over the total value of the Quote as the Planned Amount.  Then when the Sales Order is spawned from the Quote in MAX or Synergy, the Sales Opportunity is “won” and the Realized Amount is updated to the Sales Order Value and the CRM Workflow Requests are automatically updated.

The logic can be easily adapted for different CRM Workflow processes depending on way you want it to flow with additional consulting time to ensure your specific requirements are met.

This reduces administration overhead and drives sales to follow-up on all the quotes to increase sales and make sure nothing ‘falls through the cracks.”

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